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About LandlordingHelp.com

LandlordingHelp.com is a course membership website created by Hadi Fallah to empower DIY landlords and help them improve their earnings in the rental industry.

As starters, small DIY landlords may assume owning a property is the only means of entering the Real Estate industry. They may be unaware of the many factors like the existing laws affecting their business, landlord and tenant rights, or needed steps & best practices when renting out a property.

The result of such a situation will be inadequate marking, long vacancy periods, and renting an unprepared place to tenants. In some cases, you may even be subject to legal suits or manipulation, and finally, incur losses instead of revenue.

That’s why we’ve created this website: to provide you with all the resources you need to be a PRO landlord.

Our membership comes at a monthly fair price compared to the return it creates for your business, not to mention the free workbooks, forms, or lessons we deliver in the trial membership.

Learn how to:


List your vacancy 

Find leads

Evaluate prospects

Comply with State & Government laws

Handle the rental accounting

Get help Managing your property

Expand your earnings

About the Instructor


Hadi Fallah is a designated managing broker, the founder, and owner of Fairview Realty Group Ltd.—A property management company with over ten years of experience.

Over the past decade, Hadi has been involved in the rentals, sales, and marketing of over 10,000 properties in Illinois, serving and guiding clients through their biggest Real Estate investments. With a decade of experience in the business, he’s had thousands of properties under management and is now ready to give you insights on how to manage your property from A-Z.


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