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Property Inspections

property manager Jun 01, 2022

Bad tenants can cause a lot of damage in a short period. So, property managers need to schedule regular inspections and make sure proper repairs are made to pass the inspections.

However, not every property manager can take care of this process.

Just because the rent is being paid on time doesn’t mean that everything is going well and there are no complaints. So, you shouldn’t make assumptions or take anything for granted.

These are important questions to ask a property manager about how they inspect the properties they manage:

What kind of move-in inspection do they perform?

Property managers should perform a detailed inspection, including digital photos. Tenants should accompany the manager while the walkthrough is taking place and sign off on the inspection report. Documentation resolves any disputes in the future.

How often do they inspect the interior of the property? Are tenants notified before inside inspections?

The unit should be inspected annually, preferably every six months. The person doing the inspection should have a checklist that they go over, including things like checking all appliances, locks, A/C filters, furnace, water heater, smoke detector, electrical, plumbing, and looking for lease violations.

Do not accept management companies that only do inspections in between vacancies because tenancies can last for years.

Also, the tenants must be given notice before inspections at least 24/48 hours prior, depending on state laws. Make sure the property management company doesn’t miss out on this step.

How often do they inspect the exterior of the property?

The standard time frame for Inspecting the property's exterior is monthly and quarterly, but those property management companies who do it more frequently are better. Besides, it’s best to perform full-scale exterior inspections while frequently performing drive-by inspections.

How often are inspection reports sent to you?

Other than asking this question, request them to send you a sample copy to ensure they get reports pretty often.


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