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The Effects of Pets and Animals On Property Value

landlords pets property value Mar 26, 2022
The Effects of Pets and Animals On Property Value

Pets and animals offer many benefits to their owners, but they can also reduce a residential or commercial property value. They may urinate indoors, scratch hardwood floors, or tear up carpets with their claws. This can make it difficult to sell a property for a fair price.

In the following, we'll discuss the damages every type of pet can cause to a property.

How Can Pets Damage A Property?


Cats can scratch up floors, pull up pieces of carpet, scratch walls, or leave strong odors that can be difficult to remove. Feral cats may also be a problem for property owners as they may rummage through garbage or mark their territory with foul-smelling liquids.



Some dog breeds may not cause damage, however, they can still break through screen doors or gates, scratch hard floor surfaces, and damage carpets. Female dogs that do not get spayed can also cause damage.



Birds cause cleanliness problems. Bird droppings and feathers can get on floors, window treatments, furniture, and other surfaces.


Farm Animals 

Farm animals can be a lot of hard work as some of these animals can be large and require regular food, cleaning, and medical care. Large animals like cows and horses are among other animals that can cause property damage and reduce the value of a property.


Wild Animals

Wild animals such as deer can damage fencing or grass. Bears can destroy trash cans, railings, and fences. Bat droppings cause a foul odor and are difficult to clean. Rodents gnaw through wires, make holes in walls, and cause other property damage.


How Can Pets Benefit A Property?

While animals may cause damage, they can also be very beneficial to property owners. Feral cats feed on rodents, dogs can act as guard dogs, farm animals can provide fertilizers, and other animals can reduce the number of insects. With proper care, the benefits of animals can be utilized and the quality of the property can stay up to par.

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